Learn about M & W Shops, Inc. and it’s history

Grown out of a part time business






Thank you for having interest to learn about M & W Shops – Custom Metal Fabricators. In 1972, Walter T. Haag and Larry Zamba founded M & W Shops, Inc., in Sturtevant, WI. The company, doing welding for J.I. Case Foundry worked on a part-time basis.  Business increased and M & W Shops moved to its current location in Union Grove, WI in 1976.  At that time, the company employed one full time employee. In 1981, Wally W. Haag became president of M & W Shops, Inc. and the company began to diversify and flourish. The purchase of fabrication equipment began the fabrication of structural weldments for building contractors and construction companies. The beginning years of M & W Shops also saw the fabrication of specialized industrial vacuum cleaning equipment.

Over the next ten years M & W Shops grew into a full time fabricating and welding shop .  Kraftwell Automation was also acquired, which is now Kraftweld, a division of M & W Shops.  To accommodate growth, a new 28,500 square foot facility was built in 1991. In 1992, M & W Shops began the journey into the world of industrial vacuums, thus the beginning of Multi-Vac.

President and owner, Wally Haag has worked in the industrial vacuum field since 1974.  In the early 1990’s, using Mr. Haag’s experience in engineering of heavy duty industrial vacuum equipment and metal fabricating, Multi-Vac was formed. Multi-Vac started with a new maintenance friendly product line of industrial vacuum equipment, loaders, and conveyors. Since that time, Multi-Vac has become a well known and respected name. Multi-Vac equipment is used in steel mills, foundries, cement and brick plants, as well as in the mining, plastic, rubber and chemical industries. Our industrial vacuums can be found from the West Coast to the East Coast, as well as Canada, Mexico, South America, and China. In 2008, M & W Shops progressed into the dust collecting business with specialized Multi-Clean dust collectors.

Providing exceptional quality fueled our growth

M & W Shops, as well as divisions Multi-Vac and Kraftweld, have steadily increased in volume and market share. Doing so by providing exceptional quality, fair pricing and on-time deliveries to world wide industrial customers as well as local companies. Our 28,500 square foot facility includes a modern office and engineering department, and a well-equipped production shop. Our Shop includes: CNC shearing, press brakes, punching and burning, a plasma table, a large paint booth, several welding stations, and assembly and test areas. We also have a 10,000 square foot warehouse to keep stock items readily available. Our engineering staff can provide AutoCAD drawings whether it for an industrial vacuum system design, or for a custom metal fabrication. Our service engineers and technicians can provide start up service and training to your maintenance personnel for our vacuum lines as well as installation and on site welding for other jobs.

Continued Growth

Our divisions continue to grow with our latest acquisition Fast-Vac.  Fast-Vac provides Industrial Vacuum Loading products and services to heavy industry worldwide. A myriad of options are available with our equipment. Square or cylindrical collector bodies, carbon or stainless steel, rear port hose or boom. Simplicity in design and operation along with a selection of industry demanded features that improve overall operator efficiency and guarantee easy maintenance. Features you’ve been waiting for, with high performance vacuum you expect. Included with our equipment is durable construction along with rugged good looks.  Backing our quality workmanship is a dependable, experienced service staff that can answer all your questions and is always available to help with your problems.

Fast-Vac takes the work out of material recovery and spill clean-up with unmatched speed, productivity and reliability. It’s 16 cubic yard collector body offers plenty of material loading space. Customers include vacuum service contractors, chemical plants, steel mills, foundries, cement plants, power plants, aluminum processing plants, pulp and paper plants and mines. As a small company, we put 100% into everything we do. With every order, from custom design/manufacturing of our massive Fast-Vac IVLs (Industrial Vacuum Loaders), to the sale of a single hose coupling is given our full attention.

M & W Shops today

Today, M & W Shops, Inc. employs anywhere from 12 to 20 full time shop employees and certified welders based on our shop work load, and six full time office employees.  Multi-Vac equipment both standard and customized, in many sizes and configurations, can be found throughout the world. We take pride in serving our local customers and walk-ins off the street, while maintaining a productive fabrication schedule for our large jobs and international integrity. Our philosophy is to manufacture high quality products at competitive prices with on-time delivery. M & W Shops, Inc. would like to thank you for your interest in our company, and we continue to look forward to doing business with you in the future.

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